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Shiraz city is surely the most popular tourist destination in Iran. And since this southern city has an international airport, many tourists start their trip from Shiraz in the south and end their trip in Tehran, in the north.  Seven Hostel in Shiraz is the first of its name in the city and the perfect example of a typical Iran hostel. Iran Seven Group was started a few years ago with the goal of providing cheap and modern accommodation in Shiraz and other major cities in the country. Prior to the establishment of the group’s first branch, there weren’t any places that could be aptly called youth hostels. Most of these places that called themselves hostels, were in fact some cheap options among Iran hotels. Even the so-called Shiraz hostels were in fact Shiraz hotels with average services and amenities! Many people traveling to Shiraz used to stay in these hotels and guesthouses with the hope of lodging in a hostel.

It has been more than a century since the establishment of the first hostel in the world (a youth hostel in Altena Castle in Germany). But still many people’s first reaction upon hearing the name hostel, is asking the question: What is a hostel? The reason is that so many, widely different, accommodation facilities gather under the name “hostel” that nobody seems to have a clear idea. Hostels range from incredible lodges with location and facilities far better than cheap hotels to derelict dorm-style places with serious sanitary issues! It is a pity that most people’s understanding of hostels is closer to the latter description. But 7 Hostel in Shiraz is a glorious instant of the former, that is a flawless package of everything essential for an economy accommodation in a beautiful historic house. Please take the time and watch the video below.


Seven Hostel Amenities and Services

Quality of the Rooms

Seven Hostel is among the very few hostels in Iran that has private bathrooms and showers in all the rooms. Room service is as efficient and all-encompassing like a good Shiraz hotel and the hostel is impeccably clean. Free Wi-Fi and breakfast are included in the cost of the rooms which are comparatively low considering the superb amenities of the hostel. All the rooms have been newly-refurbished. In most hostels, dorm rooms are small rooms packed with as many bunk beds as possible. This is not the case with the dorms in Seven Hostel. What we call dorms in Seven Hostel are beautiful rooms with no more than 4 beds.


The Staff

Seven Hostel is run by professionals who have got years of first-hand experience under their belts. They will hand you a little map which is very simple and practical and they will be there for you all the time. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the routes and tours and if asked could help you to find the best package for a desired length.


Hangout Area

Our guests at Seven Hostel love its wonderful historic courtyard. The place has a vivacity and international vibe incomparable to any other hostel in Shiraz. Here visitors from all over the world meet, chat and know about each other’s itinerary. You can share your travel experience and get a lot of invaluable information on tours in Iran. Tea is free of charge here and the place is available 24 hours a day.


Proximity to Shiraz Tourist Attractions

Another unique aspect of Seven Hostel is its superb accessibility to the most authentic attractions of Shiraz. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Qavam House, Zinat al-Molk House, Shahcheragh Holy Shrine, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath, and Karim Khan Citadel are all within walking distance of the hostel. The beautiful tomb of Hafez, Tom of Saadi, Eram Garden, Afif Abad Garden, and other attractions are also 10 to 20 minutes’ drive away.


The Ideal Place for Beginning Your Journey

By lodging in Seven Hostel not only you enjoy the great atmosphere and excellent service of the place, but also the most dynamic tourism forum in Iran. If you have already decided on your itinerary, you will be given all the details about the routes and places to stay in each city and village. If you are still hesitant or worse clueless about what to do next, the staff of the hostel will shower you with all kinds of fabulous packages. They literally cater to your every demand on tourism including the problem of money transfer to Iran and getting an Iranian debit card.


Booking; Easy and Cheap

The quality of amenities and services at Seven Hostel is higher than most of the cheap hotels in Shiraz. And the incredible thing is that Seven Hostel charges you much less than Shiraz budget hotels and other economy options in Iran. Like most lodging options in Shiraz, Seven Hostel provides online booking services. Seven Hostel in Shiraz has been the first of five Seven Hostels in Iran. The group has now branches in Isfahan, Yazd, Dizin and Alamut.


Seven Hostel in Isfahan

It is only natural that Isfahan, the second most visited city in Iran by foreign tourists, should claim at least one of the Seven Hostel branches. Seven Hostel in Isfahan lies in city center, the historic and most important district in Isfahan. This gives Seven Hostel an edge over other hostels in Isfahan. Being located downtown means that most of the historic landmarks of the city are within walking distance of the hostel. These include the legendry Naqsh-e Jahan Square (the largest historic plaza in the world) with its rare collection of historic wonders: Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace. As with all Seven Hostels, guests have the luxury of choosing between private rooms and dorms all of which include good WI-FI and delicious breakfast. One important fact to consider about Isfahan hostel is that they are usually fully-booked during the high season. Thus, booking in advance is a necessity in hostels in Isfahan and other major tourist destinations such as hostels in Kashan and Yazd.



Seven Hostel in Dizin

Seven Hostel in Dizin is a beautiful chalet located right next to the ski resort. It offers a cozy and serene atmosphere in the scenic countryside of Dizin. Seven Hostel is the most recommended option of accommodation among hostels in Dizin. You can choose between private rooms and the comfy dorm of the hostel. The heating facilities are superb here and they will keep you warm in the freezing nights of the mountains. Breakfast is also included on the rooms. Seven Hostel in Dizin is an ideal accommodation for economy-minded travelers. It is clean, comfortable, well-equipped and affordable in comparison with the expensive costs of Dizin hotels.



Seven Hostel in Alamut

Alamut boasts great historic and natural significance. The magnificent valley of Alamut, the Castle of Assassins and mighty snow-capped peaks are some of the wonders of Alamut. Prior to the establishment of Seven Hostel in Zarabad village (the ancestral home of Jalal Rashedi, the founder of Iran Seven Group) in Alamut there weren’t any quality accommodation in the region. The place is the first of Alamut hostels and it isn’t an ordinary abode. Seven Hostel in Alamut garners highest of praises from its guests who cherish the genuine and heartfelt hospitality of the lovely couple who run the hostel. This traditional hostel, at the bosom of the bounteous nature of Alamut, is the definition of authenticity and coziness. The building has a beautifully-rendered local design and adorable traditional embellishments. Its spacious hangout area is the favorite of the guests and the cuisine is a class of its own!



Shiraz Tours

You have probably heard of Shiraz city wherever there was talk of good wine. But did you also know that Shiraz is one the most beautiful and multifaceted cities of Iran? Often the first stop on the travel plan of most Iran tours, Shiraz has everything you would expect from a touristic city. Unlike Tehran, there are not many skyscrapers, massive industrial complexes and interminable highways in Shiraz. One can feel relaxed and at home in Shiraz and almost all Iran travel tours present you with an extraordinary array of Shiraz tours. These include Shiraz sightseeing tours, Persepolis tours, Shiraz Persian food tours, Shiraz historic houses tours, mountain tours, etc. Sightseeing tours are the most popular packages in the Shiraz, to which we will turn next.


Shiraz Sightseeing Tours

The places that you will visit in the course of Shiraz one-day tours are the most popular tourist attractions in this beautiful city. The historic sites in the city center are the most visited landmarks of Shiraz. You will visit the world famous Nasir al-Mulk Mosque aka the Pink Mosque, Qavam House, Zinat al-Molk House, Shahcheragh Holy Shrine, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath, and Karim Khan Citadel. Public Gardens are another feature of Shiaz Sightseeing tours. Eram Garden, Afif-Abad Garden, and the Tombs of Hafez and Saadi are some instances of these great public spaces each known for a unique set of features. As unlikely as it seems, Shiraz is also famous for its glorious natural attractions. Derak Mountain and Kohmareh Sorkhi are two spectacular districts to the west of Shiraz at the foot of the beautiful Zagros Mountain Range. Natural springs, rivers, immaculate fresh weather and many traditional restaurants and tea houses make these mountainous areas the favorite hangouts for the carefree population of Shiraz.



Iran Food Tours

Iran Persian food tours have been the latest development in Iran tour packages. What you will experience in the course of these Persian food tours is Iranian cuisine at its full length. This means that you will participate in all stages of preparing the meals such as shopping, chopping and cooking! And of course, you will relish the superb taste of the Persian food that you have created at the end in a festive ceremony. Previously these marvelous tours were restricted to the capital city, Tehran. But the good news is that now you can book for a Shiraz food tour as well. Iran’s culinary tours are now among the most recommended tours in Iran as they offer the memorable delights of Persian food and cuisine.



Iran Travel Information

There are many misconceptions among western people about the Middle-East and especially about Iran. These are the result of images driven in the people’s mind by the media. People visiting Iran always express their utter amazement at the discrepancies between their old conception of Iranian people and traditions, and their own first-hand experience. Before visiting Iran some people still think that Iran is a country with a desert climate where women are subjugated by ruthless patriarchs!


The other fallacy is regarding Iran travel information. Many of Iran facts such as obtaining Iranian visa and the hot issue of security, get needlessly political. According to the latest statistics, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists and getting an Iranian tourist visa is relatively simple. In what comes next, we will tell you about a couple of things you must know about Iran:


Iran Visa

Iran visa on arrival is available for the nationals of all countries except for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and of course the United States. The nationals of the countries mentioned above need to apply for Iran’s visa in advance. Iran has no political ties with the state of Israel, so nationals of Israel cannot travel to Iran.


Shiraz Airport Taxi

Your first destination in Iran is most probably Shiraz International Airport. Since the airport is located in the far east of the city, you will need a ride to the old town of Shiraz where most of the city's beautiful hostels are located. Fortunately, Iran's Snapp taxi services with reliable drivers are offered at Shiraz International Airport 24-hour and they will take you to any clear destination you mark on the map.


Iran Weather

Although one-fourth of its total area is covered with deserts, Iran's weather is known to be like that of a four-season country. How is that possible you might ask. Well that is because Iran boasts a wonderful geographical diversity. While deserts rule in the central regions, the northern provinces off the coast of the Caspian Sea are dominated by regular showers. The northwest is the realm of snow and strong winds and in the south near the golden shore of the Persian Gulf, it is almost always summer!

Language in Iran

Although Persian is the official language in Iran, millions of Iranians speak their mother tongues which aren’t necessarily Persian. Azeri is spoken in the northwest while in the west Kurdish and Luri are the main local languages. People of the north speak Talysh, Gilaki and Mazanderani while in the southern province of Khuzestan, locals speak Arabic. And this is still not an exhaustive list, as many other languages and local dialects are spoken in towns and villages all around Iran.


Iranian Women

Iranian women are active in almost all social levels in Iran. Wearing a headscarf doesn’t mean that Iranian women aren’t fashionable or that the only imaginable career for them is being a housewife. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the number of female university graduates per year exceeds the number of male graduates.


Iran Seven Group

For years the lack of quality economy hostels was a common complaint among the tourists visiting Iran. A huge change came along in 2015 when Iran Seven Group established its first branch of youth hostels in Iran. Jalal Rashedi, the founder and general manager of the group, was the driving spirit behind the ambitious project. In the years since the start of the first Seven Hostel, the group has thrived in a surreal pace and now has branches in Isfahan, Shiraz, Dizin and Alamut. In addition to groundbreaking enterprises in tourism, the group has many other parallel projects. Mr. Rashedi whose indisputable efforts as a major entrepreneur in the area of Iranian tourism has led to a sea change in Iran’s hospitality sector, has started a new grand project with the goal of promoting the export of Iranian goods. The group hopes that this could further the course of Iranian industry and also present the world with the unique quality of Iranian products such as its legendry hand-woven carpets and magical saffron.